Amy Quichiz

headshotAmy Quichiz recently graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology. Throughout her college career, she has been known for her commitment to continuously bring awareness to the Latinx community and fighting against gender violence, sexual assault, gender and sexual inequality, queer discriminations and racial issues.

Amy also articulates theories and personal experiences into writing pieces that cover various topics such as whiteness, radical self-love from brown girls, mental disabilities in Latinx households, Latinx body issues, borderland identities and radical queer love. Her work has been recognized by numerous of platforms such as We Are Mitu, La Feminista Decolonial, Bold Latina, Bustle, VegNews, and others through Instagram, which has given her the opportunity to continue sharing knowledge through radical story-telling and creating workshops for throughout the community.

Lastly, Amy is the Founder of Veggie Mijas, a women of color collective that highlights the importance of veganism through lens of those with marginalized identities. Through this collective, she has opened new chapters in several states and cities and is organizing vegan folks of color in a national perspective. Amy also provides resources for folks in these cities on how their food can be more accessible and to learn more about the food system.

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