New Routines

Hello there bloomers!

All apologies. My posts haven’t been consistent and I keep promising myself (and you guys!) that they will be. The start of summer has been nothing short of exciting, as always, with plenty of heat here in NYC. I’ve been devoting so much of my time to having fun & staying cool with my son but I’ve also been realizing changes that need to be made in my personal/business life.

After some thoughtful consideration, it makes sense to share some of that journey with my readers. I surely won’t lose sight of the values I’ve set forth for and all that it represents but I think this will be a great enhancement of what already exists and is to come. Overall, I want to continue on a journey of self-care, expression, creativity, social responsibility as well as promote healthier, happier, and more productive lifestyle habits.

For starters, I began a daily vitamin/medication regimen earlier this week. At first it seems like an obvious and matter-of-factly kind of thing to do but I have to admit I’ve struggled in the past with creating a regimen like this one specifically. So I made a list of other self-care goals I want to make habits out of and I have 2 very helpful tips to share:

  1. We’re all unique individuals and our physical body is just as special. There are a variety of ways to initiate, maintain, and empower new behaviors but it’s really important to always do what works best for you as an individual. (That may mean what works for Maria might not work for you, just the same way your ideas may not be Maria’s go-to.) This is critical to understand in creating new habits because when you know your boundaries, you’re able to create a viable plan of action around that.
  2. Creating a habit or a regimen requires consistency and, sometimes, lots of reminders. Although consistency is the main point, there’s a secondary point for forming certain habits. Something like vitamins/medication, for instance, should be taken at the same time everyday. You truly have to take into consideration how your body functions and the schedules you tend to keep. If you fix a scheduled time to a behavior/action, you’re encouraging your mind & body to expect it and to develop a habit.

However difficult starting a new habit can be, don’t give up. Sometimes we have to fail to make progress; every attempt made will provide insight on what to avoid and how to do better the next time. I hope this post was helpful and informative as it is extremely relevant in my life. Feel free to comment stories of triumph, tribulations, and what you’ve learned along the way — I’m always open to different perspectives!



Summer Solstice Message

It’s officially the first day of the summer season. We’re entering that time of year where having fun and relaxing are the goal with family, friends, or on your own. So far, 2017 has been extremely thought provoking for society as a whole. While I totally encourage this time of relaxing we should do so with a continued sense of awareness & self-growth. There is a much needed balance between working hard at passions & finding one’s inner peace. Make this summer worth it by honing in on your talents, hobbies, and whatever your passion is. Self-discovery is requires on-going work and the real secret is knowing that we’re all ever-changing beings. Trying new things helps to build confidence but also lessens fear of the future. Do what you love this summer and grow all the while!

A message from!

Summertime Enthusiasm

Happy 1st of June everyone!

With the a new month starting and summertime around the corner, wants to send a message of positive reflecting. This summer, don’t count your struggles as what held you back but as the challenges that came up during your success. I love this time of year in New York City. Summer usually signifies the break period from the seriousness of 9-5 jobs and educational institutions. It’s all about what’s trending in fashion and fun-filled events. But with breaking and taking time to relax, we must also take time to reflect on how we’ve grown in the last year and re-evaluate what we want for our future.

“La lucha continúa” (which translates to “The struggle continues”) is a public work of art that is garden-side along the Lower East Side’s own Houston Street. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the struggles of societal awareness in the last year. And I’d like to remind everyone that the struggles of the world continue with summer and we must take our breaks but use them wisely. Reflecting is a great tool to stay at your best and only get better.

Stay blooming my friends!