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Lower Prices & Lower Shipping

You spoke up and we listened.

Our Shop grand reopening has been met with some concern. When customers went to check out they only had one shipping option available to them, the USPS flat rate shipping with tracking number. We now realize that option was more expensive than a lot of the goods being sold on Stay Blooming. This is clearly non-sensible and impractical on our behalf. Ultimately, due to that major inconvenience, prices have been lowered and almost all shipping prices are a fraction of the initial cost. Check out the new prices and shipping costs in the chart below:

ItemPriceShipping Cost
2-in-1 Bamboo Cutlery$5.00$1.50 per utensil, no tracking include (based on size)
Bamboo Toothbrush$3.50$1.50 per utensil, no tracking include (based on size)
Cotton Shopping Bag$6.50$2.35 per utensil, no tracking include (based on size)
Cotton Wash Cloths$4.50$2.35 per utensil, no tracking include (based on size)
Ecofriendly Confetti$3.50$1.00 per utensil, no tracking include (based on weight)
Reusable Shaver$15.00$7.35 per shaver, tracking included (based on weight)
Reusable Tea Leaf Strainer$5.50$2.35 per utensil, no tracking include (based on size)
Soapnuts$5.00$2.35 per utensil, no tracking include (based on size)
Stainless Steel Straws$6.00$1.50 per utensil, no tracking include (based on size)
Thank You Tote$20.00$7.90 per bag, tracking included (based on size)

We hope this fix will encourage you to make a purchase. Our goal at Stay Blooming is to make ecofriendly alternatives accessible as well as inexpensive. We want to make a greener lifestyle possible for you. Therefore, we are also giving free shipping for all orders over $30 from here forward.

How are we doing? Let us know by sending feedback to

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Shop’s Grand Reopening

The wait is over!
We are happy to announce the grand reopening of the Stay Blooming Shop.

The Shop is now stocked with a bunch of new ecofriendly items to choose from. All of these items have been hand selected with special attention to how it returns to the environment. The goods we sell are great alternatives to things we commonly use. Instead of a harsh laundry detergents, try our gentle soapnuts. Instead of disposable razors, try our endlessly reusable shavers. Instead of plastic bags, try our tote bag that spreads a plastic-free message. When our goods are used responsibly, they prevent pollution and enhance your ecoconsciousness. Check out some of the new items below:

Along with the stocking of new goods, we have also updated the customer’s shopping experience. You can now add items to your cart and pay for them altogether. Additionally, there are more options when checking out that makes payment a breeze. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even a suggestion, please send an email to

Visit the Shop now!

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New Ecofriendly Shop Additions

We’re very happy to announce new ecofriendly merchandise is coming soon to the Shop!

Our ecofriendly items are inventive and highly useful. They serve a greater purpose for the earth by eliminating plastic use, future plastic pollution, and creating conscious thinkers out of ourselves. The movement for plastic-free living has been growing at a faster rate than ever before. People are finally taking notice of the severe environmental issues the world suffers from. We are realizing that the cost of consumerism & profits is actually a sacrifice to our entire natural world. One in which we cannot buy back or build; one in which is damaged inequitably, with no chance of fair replenishment.

We need to respect our earth and that means finding and/or creating successful alternatives. Doing the work now so that future generations aren’t faced with tougher decisions that we see today… decisions that we are currently setting them up for. Changing your behavior starts with one question and a few small steps. What side of history will you be on?

Visit on August 1, 2018 to see what we have in store for, you, a green thinker.