One For The Culture

This can be found at the baseball fields across from the new Yankee Stadium at 161st Street in The Bronx, New York.
“Sometimes you win sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.” This was a pretty powerful yet subtle message I received today. Some events in our lives can leave us wondering, “Why now?” Those are the moments where we should be taking a break and appreciating what is. That may mean self-care like I regarded in my post The Many Meanings of Self-Care or may even mean to practice mindfulness. The ability to be in the present moment, not worrying about gains or losses, can bring a sort of bliss. Taking a break doesn’t end worrying but it does relax the mind enough to encourage new ideas and reinforce positive thoughts. 

Give yourself a break.


Motivation & Inspiration

I haven’t written any straight from the heart blog posts in a while but I’m finding more and more desires to do so. Today, I tried to record a video about this very topic but couldn’t find any satisfaction with the results. And that’s just fine — I’ve decided to write instead. And it’s quite appropriate that I’m having a change of heart with the topic at hand.

Your passions are your life forces. The things that captivate you the most… those are the things that you should be exploring and learning more about. Fulfilling the passions that drive you creates satisfaction in your life. Don’t expect anyone to find your meaning for you. And don’t take their judgement of what your find within yourself. This is especially important when you’re trying something in a social environment that doesn’t consider your passions a norm.

You must always be your own cheerleader. Drive your motivation by finding small tasks that you can accomplish. Because every accomplishment is an accomplishment nonetheless and this feeds your confidence. Reward yourself even if that means a break. But be consistent — passion is nothing without practice. Don’t be afraid to look silly trying something new. I’ve learned that anxiety and fear look bigger at a distance and much smaller up close. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong and don’t be afraid to right wrongdoings.

Accept the transience of life — the fact that everything is ever-changing. Accept that you can change in an instant and just as much over time. Understand that passions change too and life forces can grow broader or narrower. Enjoy the complete & utter uniqueness of your path. 💛

Forgive Yourself for Bad Days

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in having a “bad day” that I wanted to address it. Here are some easy things to try & positive affirmations by yours truly to catch yourself and change your own mood. You’re allowed to have bad moods, but they’re not allowed to take over your entire day. For some entry clarity…

You will thank yourself later. Stop letting yourself feel flushed, rushed, and/or frustrated. Slowing down your pace will give your brain time to be more flexible to whatever is going on. And breathe, deep breaths.

Know it now: all behavior starts with your thoughts & feelings. Get down to the nitty-gritty and be honest with yourself. It can be difficult but figuring that out & letting yourself feel it will help relieve tension sooner. We may also have expectations of ourselves that may not be realistic to our current needs.

Now you know what’s up but you also need to be kind to your emotional and mental state. Remind yourself that no progress in this moment does not mean no progress ever. Do a little something that makes you thoroughly relax or genuinely happy. It starts with you and your energy. You’re in charge of how you feel and your output to the world.

Use these all interchangeably and in addition to what already works for you. Any & all feedback is welcome. Please do share if you have a positive experience from this guidance. ✌🏽


There is a special kind of satisfaction after a productive day. I’ve realized that feeling productive is a result of getting things done — no matter how priority or minor they may actually be. I think it’s in our nature to feel as though productivity goes hand-in-hand with accomplishing our number one goal. But that’s not true and you can get yourself motivated by simply getting the little things done more often too. A sense of accomplishment, even with little things, is a sense of accomplishment nonetheless. It’s a check off the to-do list but more importantly, a catalyst to getting bigger things done.

Another thought is that people can spend more time ruminating on doing things than their tasks would actually require. You have to ask yourself: What’s stopping you from getting something done? What’s the first step in clearing whatever obstacle exists to you? How soon can you carry this out comfortably?

The emphasis of it all is to get. shit. done.