‘Dew’ by Kay Ryan

Image source: Library of Congress As neatly as peas in their green canoe, as discreetly as beads strung in a row, sit drops of dew along a blade of grass. But unattached and subject to their weight, they slip if they accumulate. Down the green tongue out of the morning sun into the general damp, … Continue reading ‘Dew’ by Kay Ryan


Affirmation Alarms

Do you enjoy daily mantras or affirmations? Did you know they can have both a healing & positive affect on you? Would you like to motivate yourself more often? Does feeling in control of your mental state sound beneficial? Do I have you curious now? Here is a great yet simple way to achieve mindfulness … Continue reading Affirmation Alarms

Happiness is…

I removed an earlier post of this image to reuse it with added content. Although the image is not mine, and I don't know who to credit, the message is a universally valuable one that I felt compelled to share again. You are responsible for your own happiness. Nobody quite put it that way for me … Continue reading Happiness is…

Forms of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique that teaches one to live in a conscious state and in the moment. It's one of the main practices in Buddhism and also in meditation... but it's not limited to just that. Mindfulness has the ability to reveal a sense of tranquility for absolutely anyone. Also, one of the greatest things … Continue reading Forms of Mindfulness

David Baron on TED Talks

With the total solar eclipse only 10 days away, I wanted to share this TED talks video featuring David Baron (author of American Eclipse) and his personal recount of watching a live total solar eclipse. If you had a chance to read my post Total Solar Eclipse '17 Thoughts then you'll understand why I want you to watch … Continue reading David Baron on TED Talks

One For The Culture

"Sometimes you win sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains." This was a pretty powerful yet subtle message I received today. Some events in our lives can leave us wondering, "Why now?" Those are the moments where we should be taking a break and appreciating what is. That may mean self-care like I regarded in my … Continue reading One For The Culture