Forms of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique that teaches one to live in a conscious state and in the moment. It's one of the main practices in Buddhism and also in meditation... but it's not limited to just that. Mindfulness has the ability to reveal a sense of tranquility for absolutely anyone. Also, one of the greatest things … Continue reading Forms of Mindfulness


My Spiritual 7

For the bloomers who are aware of their chakras, energy, and crystal healing. And to those who aren't familiar but still reading. The chakras are associated with different aspects of life that when one is completely mindful of them all, there is balance. Metaphysics is largely at play here, it's not magic or witchcraft. 😂 It's truly … Continue reading My Spiritual 7

Meditation in Under 2 Minutes

I found this super short & funny video about meditation that I wanted to share. I've been meditating for a few years and recently it's gained a lot more attention in society. I think that's a great, positive thing for people to be excited about though. But from one soul to another, here is a … Continue reading Meditation in Under 2 Minutes

Mala Prayer Beads

I'm very happy to share my new mala prayer beads that I received in the mail today. I was excited to get them because I've never had prayer beads before. It can seem conflicting for someone like me to pray but I do meditate. Some background info about me... I don't believe in a higher … Continue reading Mala Prayer Beads

The Journey, Part 1

I wanted to share something that was sent to the blog's email as it was shared with me. Xumbalu - The Play of Music. They create some feel good music for meditating. I've been playing it for about a week now and I really enjoy it's simplicity. There are songs that are pretty similar but … Continue reading The Journey, Part 1

Moby’s Meditation Music

Some people wake up and want to work out... others wake up and want to meditate. I'm apart of the latter. I recently found out that Moby released his very own meditation music that pretty much anyone can gain access to for free. It's called Long Ambients 1 and comes with a total of 11 tracks. … Continue reading Moby’s Meditation Music