My Spiritual 7

For the bloomers who are aware of their chakras, energy, and crystal healing. And to those who aren’t familiar but still reading. The chakras are associated with different aspects of life that when one is completely mindful of them all, there is balance. Metaphysics is largely at play here, it’s not magic or witchcraft. 😂 It’s truly just a matter of mindfulness and meditation. My style of writing is to give readers the information they need to do their own research. My experience is mine only but personal experiences do inspire. So that’s what you see above… a quick overlook of the 7 major chakras & the corresponding crystal I cleanse, charge, and meditate with. If you’re interested in crystals, I hope you found this post a little charming. If you’re not and/or just passing by, I hope I planted a little seed of inspiration. Btw, that’s my handwriting!


New Routines

Hello there bloomers!

All apologies. My posts haven’t been consistent and I keep promising myself (and you guys!) that they will be. The start of summer has been nothing short of exciting, as always, with plenty of heat here in NYC. I’ve been devoting so much of my time to having fun & staying cool with my son but I’ve also been realizing changes that need to be made in my personal/business life.

After some thoughtful consideration, it makes sense to share some of that journey with my readers. I surely won’t lose sight of the values I’ve set forth for and all that it represents but I think this will be a great enhancement of what already exists and is to come. Overall, I want to continue on a journey of self-care, expression, creativity, social responsibility as well as promote healthier, happier, and more productive lifestyle habits.

For starters, I began a daily vitamin/medication regimen earlier this week. At first it seems like an obvious and matter-of-factly kind of thing to do but I have to admit I’ve struggled in the past with creating a regimen like this one specifically. So I made a list of other self-care goals I want to make habits out of and I have 2 very helpful tips to share:

  1. We’re all unique individuals and our physical body is just as special. There are a variety of ways to initiate, maintain, and empower new behaviors but it’s really important to always do what works best for you as an individual. (That may mean what works for Maria might not work for you, just the same way your ideas may not be Maria’s go-to.) This is critical to understand in creating new habits because when you know your boundaries, you’re able to create a viable plan of action around that.
  2. Creating a habit or a regimen requires consistency and, sometimes, lots of reminders. Although consistency is the main point, there’s a secondary point for forming certain habits. Something like vitamins/medication, for instance, should be taken at the same time everyday. You truly have to take into consideration how your body functions and the schedules you tend to keep. If you fix a scheduled time to a behavior/action, you’re encouraging your mind & body to expect it and to develop a habit.

However difficult starting a new habit can be, don’t give up. Sometimes we have to fail to make progress; every attempt made will provide insight on what to avoid and how to do better the next time. I hope this post was helpful and informative as it is extremely relevant in my life. Feel free to comment stories of triumph, tribulations, and what you’ve learned along the way — I’m always open to different perspectives!


Seabin Project “Vacuum” Cleans the Ocean

Happy World Oceans Day! With less than 2 weeks til we enter the summer season it’s crunch time to spread awareness about the ocean and its livelihood. Earlier this week I mentioned the polluted state of the deepest part of the ocean and also introduced one woman who’s inviting people to help their local communities. Today, however, I wanted to share a commercial way to help clean any coastline called the Seabin Project.

This revolutionary floating bin (shown below) acts as a vacuum for the ocean by sucking in the surface of seawater using a pump. The litter/pollution is kept and the seawater is returned back into the ocean via its mesh innards. Sounds simple right? Thanks to the Seabin Project, it really is that simple. People often think answers to environmental issues have to be as complicated as the problems they cause but that’s not entirely true.

The only down sides are that the Seabin requires daily maintenance and can only be placed in close quarters to docks, marinas, and typically calm waters. The good news in that is that floating trash makes its way everywhere along coastlines. With ever-changing technology, we can expect to see bigger and better coming out of this idea.

Summer 2017 will be the first season they are for sale. Please click here to visit their page, learn specific details about the Seabin, and the entire project.

Follow the cause on social media:
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The 5-Minute Beach Clean-up Challenge

Hey there bloomers! Yesterday I started the conversation about oceanic pollution and how it affects the entire world. You can click here to view the World Environment Day post. But to recap here — this week I’m spending time on bringing awareness to this environmental problem that affects our entire ocean. Today I’m continuing that convo by introducing an Instagrammer who’s taking a stand against oceanic pollution, plastic use, and making it social.

Her name is Carolina and she’s from Costa Rica. She founded the Instagram @5minutebeachcleanup as a challenge to everyone all over the world. Would you sacrifice 5 minutes of your beach time to tossing trash? I think any person who naturally cares about the world wouldn’t mind at all.

As inspiring as this is, it doesn’t stop there. Carolina invites her followers to tag their own clean-up photos and may very well repost yours if you participate. You can easily tell that she’s passionate about this when viewing her pictures & captions. I had the opportunity to reach out to her and thank her for the work she’s put into such a great effort.

Although 5 minutes does not sound like a long enough time for the perfect clean-up… every little bit counts. When more people are involved, the same 5 minutes can become hours, days, and even weeks added up. Imagine how much cleaning up can be achieved in that time if we shared the responsibility locally. I think environmental change truly comes from the human conscious understanding how each of us is apart of a much larger whole. But first, think with compassion and sacrifice some 5 minutes.

This is the perfect chance to take a stand against people like Donald Trump who don’t take evidence of climate change and environmental protection serious. It’s also a great opportunity to teach kids, family members, friends, colleagues, etc. about the importance of oceans, beaches, marine life, and how it relates to us.

Below are some more snapshots of this amazing cause. Please follow @5minutebeachcleanup and take part in the challenge at your local beach!

From Israel 🇮🇱✨סבבה Sababah! Cool! 💙💦💜 THANK YOU! #Repost @kelsfyfe ・・・ The future #5minutebeachcleanup

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#Repost @surfrider ・・・ Let's make single-use plastics a thing of the past. 📷: @woodswheatcroft

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From Mexico 🇲🇽 #Repost @guadafk GRACIAS ♥ Consciousness ♥ Education ♥ Responsability ♥ 👏🏼👇🏼 ・・・ Every day, on the beach, there are tons of plastic brought from the ocean. What if we all really take 5 minutes each day we go to clean it? – why do we expect anyone else to clean the plastic we consume every day from out beaches? – every act of kindness goes a long way. Dear Tulum voyagers; let's carry a portable ashtray, let's pick a bit of plastic every day, every little counts. Imagine if we all do it as our holiday routine? – imagine if we teach that to our kids?- But most importantly, let's be conscious of the plastic we use every day. There are ways. Let's not get too comfortable around trash. #tulum #tulumbeach #betterworld #5minutebeachcleanup #fiveminutebeachcleanup #loveyourplanet🌎

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Motivation & Inspiration

I haven’t written any straight from the heart blog posts in a while but I’m finding more and more desires to do so. Today, I tried to record a video about this very topic but couldn’t find any satisfaction with the results. And that’s just fine — I’ve decided to write instead. And it’s quite appropriate that I’m having a change of heart with the topic at hand.

Your passions are your life forces. The things that captivate you the most… those are the things that you should be exploring and learning more about. Fulfilling the passions that drive you creates satisfaction in your life. Don’t expect anyone to find your meaning for you. And don’t take their judgement of what your find within yourself. This is especially important when you’re trying something in a social environment that doesn’t consider your passions a norm.

You must always be your own cheerleader. Drive your motivation by finding small tasks that you can accomplish. Because every accomplishment is an accomplishment nonetheless and this feeds your confidence. Reward yourself even if that means a break. But be consistent — passion is nothing without practice. Don’t be afraid to look silly trying something new. I’ve learned that anxiety and fear look bigger at a distance and much smaller up close. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong and don’t be afraid to right wrongdoings.

Accept the transience of life — the fact that everything is ever-changing. Accept that you can change in an instant and just as much over time. Understand that passions change too and life forces can grow broader or narrower. Enjoy the complete & utter uniqueness of your path. 💛