March for Science on 4.22.17

This Saturday, April 22nd, protests continue as scientists (and science enthusiasts like myself) from all sorts of backgrounds, professions, and walks of life, come together to March for Science. This march starts at the National Mall of Washington D.C. and is, appropriately, taking place on Earth day. 🌳

While this march is made up of regular people embarking on a journey to spread awareness of science’s accomplishments, it’s also important in terms of our current political office. It is the reason why it’s happening! The Trump administration is challenging & ignoring that environmental policy is critical. Their upcoming federal budget cuts completely debilitate the EPA and their potential as our environmental protectors. These same people (the Dump admin.) are completely ignoring scientific evidence for the sole purpose of creating short term profit.

Avoiding to take care of our environment is also avoiding the earth that nourishes us as people, nourishes our plant-based foods, and animal counterparts. Marching for Science supports the scientific community and all of their findings. It shows this political office that we’re aware of the bullshit profit for short-term benefits! (For example: Dakota Access Pipeline) Empower & teach our youth to think for themselves… this world is ours to save from monsters driven by money.

Please visit March for Science for more details!

You can use their site to find and register for a march local to you. Follow their social media accounts:

Instagram @ScienceMarchDC

Facebook March for Science

Twitter @ScienceMarchDC

Also visit their online store here where you can purchase this cool $5 button (shown below) to support the cause.



International Women’s Day 2017

In regards to International Women’s Day, I want to share their incredible website full of insight and information like events, resources, videos, partners, campaigns, etc. Using material like that creates awareness and a great point of reference. Change can come by organization & familiarizing ourselves with the real world local to us.

In addition, below is the infamous Wall Street Bull who has a new opponent to face: The Fearless Girl. Said to rise until April 2nd in New York City, I was completely compelled by her stance full of confidence and determination. It’s exactly what every girl and woman needs to see for genuine empowerment! The round plaque at the girl’s feet reads:

“Know the power of women in leadership.”

Click to visit the image’s credit source.

Please be your most incredible you today! Prepare to ask for that raise, make a date with a girlfriend you miss, finally research that hobby you’ve been wanting to get into, take the time out and do something that will make your inner self smile ladies!