Helping Pollinators

bees.JPGEach and every order placed in our Shop comes with a flower seed mix for you to plant. The flower seeds included were picked especially for their nectar-bearing gift and what that offers to pollinators like bees, butterflies, ants, wasps, and a few more…

Why are pollinators important?
Pollinators are a key species necessary for plant fertilization. It may sound weird but without pollinators, we would not have basic foods like fruits, nuts, or vegetables. This affects the world both directly and indirectly. Some wildlife depend completely on seeds/fruits to thrive and sustain themselves. Their roles in ecosystems become unstable when they have a declining food source. This affects more and larger animals over time, eventually leading to an indirect affect on humans. It could one day cause our food system to collapse and quite simply, without natural pollinators, we lose a foundational part of our ecosystem’s natural ability to feed the world.

Why are pollinators at risk and/or dying?
The top 3 reasons are due to pesticides, disease, and climate change. All of which are linked to human behavior. We create “cocktails” of pesticides to ensure our agriculture is free of all insects. The problem is that they don’t target one species only… they usually kill them all. When disease strikes, it usually catches on. Especially with pollinators because they visit plants frequently after one another.

Have you noticed?
There has been a decline in the pollinator population for years now. You may probably recall a time earlier in your life where you simply noticed more bees. It’s not because you were more aware then… it’s because they’re not here to see now.

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