An A-Z database of organizations that do environmental work.

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American Bird Conservancy This organization is an advocate of birds but also sustainability and the nature of the environment across the United States.
Association of Environmental Professionals An organization that is made up of green laborers which are anyone working in the environmental sector to improve foster skill learning and creativity.
Audubon Known for their efforts in bird conservation, this organization also works to conserve natural habitats for birds and other wildlife.


DonateNYC  An organization under NY Department of Sanitation that is dedicated to donating, reusing, and upcycling materials.


Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) This organization helps the government and corporations to promote and initiate new environmental policy, ideas, and programs,
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) A federal agency that interprets environmental law and mandates who will enforce it. Usually overridden by the current White House administration.


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) This credible organization certifies businesses that want “eco-cred” and they also assist in protecting forests.
Friends of Earth (FOE) This organization covers a variety of causes but all of them related to wellbeing of nature or human in the United States.


Green America This organization is working to empower consumers so they can make corporations become green and sustainable. They are business-friendly to create a greener economy.
Greenpeace This worldwide organization is all about education and activism by everyday people.
GreenThumb An organization based in New York City that provides programs and learning opportunities to residents of the city. Also working with community gardens.
GrowNYC This organization offers New Yorkers environmental programs that get them connected to their environment and empower them to make better environmental decisions.


Heal the Bay This effective organization set the bar for oceanic conservation and sustainability all across the nation but is limited to California.


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) An intergovernmental panel of many countries who meet to discuss climate change, related research, and how to remediate environmental issues by using policy.


National Geographic Society One of the most well-known and respected environmental organizations that is science-based.
National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) This organization works to protect wildlife as well as the overall wellbeing of the environment for the benefit of all life.
National Wildlife Federation This organization is dedicated to preserving all wildlife in the United States.
Nature Conservancy This organization is dedicated to preserving nature and bodies of water with a scientific approach.
NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) This is the New York City organization that is dedicated to enriching the environment and protecting public health for all New Yorkers.
NYC Department of Sanitation The New York City organization that is in charge of collecting waste and is currently implementing programs to eliminate waste.
NYC Parks This organization oversees the protection and maintenance of New York City public parks.


One Percent for the Planet This organization helps corporations give back to the environment.


Rainforest Action Network This organization is made up of many media groups that praise where environmental efforts are carried out but also serve backlash when it’s not.


Sierra Club The Sierra Club is a well-known organization and one of the most successful at conservation efforts in the United States. They are quite effective at mitigating change within corporations and the government.
Surfrider Foundation This organization is much like Heal the Bay as a coastal California-only dedication to oceanic conservation and sustainability.


World Business Council for Sustainable Development This organization is leading in creating sustainable development as well as supporting businesses to make this transition.
Worldwatch Institute An organization that publishes regular science-based environmental research news.
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) WWF is one of the most well known organizations because of their panda logo. They work to preserve nature as well as the beings living in it.

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