Clean-Ups are a way for both organizations (big or small) and individuals to get involved in local environmental cleanups. The clean-ups are either green cleanups or concrete cleanups. Green cleanups are in more natural environments with plants, grass, and trees. Concrete cleanups are in urban environments in the city; they may have some green spaces within.

For organizations, a collaboration allows the clean-ups to be facilitated without needing to get the logistics together. The preparation, supplies, and planning is taken care of by Stay Blooming, only with the necessary assistance of the organization.

For individuals, clean-ups gives an opportunity to get involved in the community without needing to be apart of an organization. They get to learn about the environment and also meet new people who share some common interests.

If you are an organization looking to collaborate with Stay Blooming to clean-up the environment, please fill out the below form. You can also email

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