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       I’m Alyssa Perez and I love to write. (If you haven’t already noticed!) I’m a 27-year-old Latina and mother of one. I am currently studying for my BA in Environmental Studies at Queens College. Interestingly, I have a background in visual merchandising & consulting for retail stores like J.Crew, Todd Snyder, and Calvin Klein–but I am extremely passionate about our natural world and its inhabitants. In other words, I’m captivated by sustainability, recycling, wildlife, and humanity’s connection to those things.

       Although I am from & reside in New York City, I prefer a very relaxed lifestyle. I follow and practice Buddhist philosophies; Buddhism is the “religion” I identify with. I meditate often and I don’t consume meat. A natural humanitarian, I simply want to develop every single person I encounter. Some things that I truly enjoy include: reading, learning, meditating, gardening, animals, iceskating, hiking, crocheting, and especially stargazing.

       Stay Blooming started as a hashtag I frequently used on my social media. It was a mark showing my growth and/or guiding others to their own growth. I like to call it planting seeds because it’s so appropriate to later bloom. But I didn’t want to be limited to only posting pictures or writing in under 140 characters. So I took it to WordPress. The purpose of is to spread consciousness, educate, and pick apart alternative opinions. I want to accomplish that through my madness, creativity, and restless out-of-the-box thinking. Always with the intention of teaching and growing because that’s what is about.

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