Motivation & Inspiration

I haven’t written any straight from the heart blog posts in a while but I’m finding more and more desires to do so. Today, I tried to record a video about this very topic but couldn’t find any satisfaction with the results. And that’s just fine — I’ve decided to write instead. And it’s quite appropriate that I’m having a change of heart with the topic at hand.

Your passions are your life forces. The things that captivate you the most… those are the things that you should be exploring and learning more about. Fulfilling the passions that drive you creates satisfaction in your life. Don’t expect anyone to find your meaning for you. And don’t take their judgement of what your find within yourself. This is especially important when you’re trying something in a social environment that doesn’t consider your passions a norm.

You must always be your own cheerleader. Drive your motivation by finding small tasks that you can accomplish. Because every accomplishment is an accomplishment nonetheless and this feeds your confidence. Reward yourself even if that means a break. But be consistent — passion is nothing without practice. Don’t be afraid to look silly trying something new. I’ve learned that anxiety and fear look bigger at a distance and much smaller up close. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong and don’t be afraid to right wrongdoings.

Accept the transience of life — the fact that everything is ever-changing. Accept that you can change in an instant and just as much over time. Understand that passions change too and life forces can grow broader or narrower. Enjoy the complete & utter uniqueness of your path. 💛


Memorial Day 2017

It’s weekend like this one that we use to commemorate those fallen during active duty. I want to take a moment to recognize those individuals and the courage they’ve shown. It must not be an easy life to devote to your country… so many of us never think to sacrifice leaving our families behind and the pleasures of creating memories. Thank you to those fallen, they will always be appreciated & remembered for their selflessness. 🙏🏽

Your Searches, Planting Trees

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend in one way or another. I’m spending it by relaxing with the mixed weather we’re having here in NYC. Anywho, I wanted to share this search engine called Ecosia that I’ve been using for over a year now. It uses the ad dollars companies put up to show on search engines to plant trees. So essentially when you’re doing research, using Ecosia, each ad plants a tree. All you would have to do is either install it as an extension on your current web browser (I use Google Chrome) or go to like you’d go to

With environmental concerns and awareness becoming more & more substantial, I always think of how I might be able to help. And also, how can other people get involved even if it’s remotely. If you can’t find time to participate in things like volunteering or activism as much as you’d like so this adds value to something you’re already doing in your everyday life. When you’re on your individual computer’s Ecosia page, it will even tell you how many trees you help plant in the top right corner. Unfortunate to say though, it resets for every different browser and computer used so there won’t be a total tally unless you’re probably keeping your own record.

Furthermore, I have found Ecosia‘s search engine to be lacking on the information side. You always have to be careful when you’re looking up facts in the first place but I was not fully satisfied with the results it yielded. Google has always been, by far, the best search engine tool in the last almost two decades of existing. But when researching something that I know is an easy search and rather direct, Ecosia is the way. It’s for such a great cause!

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My deepest condolences go out to the victims of the Manchester attack at the Ariana Grande concert Monday evening. These solemn wishes are to their family & friends, to those still missing, and to our entire youth. It is not fair that the hate of one can ruin so much for so many that are just carrying out joy in their lives. I encourage parents, guardians, and loved ones of our younger generation to teach them about compassion and dealing with their emotions appropriately. The nature of our current society does not consider the delicacy of human development.