Stay Blooming is looking for team members! The goal of this team is to spread environmental awareness and help facilitate eco-related events. Each role is listed below with their designated tasks:

Communications Manager
– Posting on Instagram
– Interacting with the general public
– Writing (for grants or blog posts)
Events Director
– Leading or co-leading cleanups
– Leading or co-leading workshops
– Event planning
– Tasks depend on individual skillset
– Assists with various tasks

Read the following details to see if you qualify. The ideal candidate should:

  • Be a NYC resident
  • Have knowledge about the environment and how the natural world works
  • Have time for meetings
  • Be passionate about spreading awareness and educating others on topics like environmental justice, climate change, how to take action, etc.
  • Be active on social media
  • Take initiative to do the work outlined below
  • Desire to learn & grow!

So, are you interested in joining the team?

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