Anemone Flower Stickers For Sale!

I’m very happy to share that we’re selling our Anemone Flower Logo as stickers! Currently, a third of all proceeds will be donated to Puerto Rico & Mexico for disaster relief. Click here to visit the donate page where you can make a purchase! If you’re interested in knowing more about the causes and organizations we’re sending proceeds to then visit our Causes page. Thank you for everything bloomers!

Stickers come in small (1.5″ x 1.5″), 2 for $3 and in large (3″ x 3″) for $4/each.



Trump’s Broken Campaign Promises

In light of recent events involving our 45th president acting out in completely unpresidential ways… I wanted to share this. It’s a list of pledges he made and promised to implement 100 days into his presidency. Bullsh*t. It’s quite brutal to see how he’s acted completely opposite towards all of these supposed promises. Do what you will with it but I do suggest sharing. Stay aware bloomers.

Introductory Vlog 0.01

Watch, read, enjoy, comment, and share!

Kindness as a Purpose

I really wanted to share this short yet intriguing blog post that I enjoyed earlier this week. Short question & answer prompts that bring a little insight to humanhood and our purpose. Take a minute to pass by Thriving Under Pressure and read “What if our only life purpose was to be kind?

My favorite line is, “Life purpose is a way of being in this world.”
Enjoy reading!