Positive Affirmations Vlog 0.03

The tag-a-long vlog I promised of positive affirmations that you can repeat to yourself throughout your day or during meditation/chanting. You can find some more affirmations on my Twitter @istayblooming. Namaskar!


Happiness is…

I removed an earlier post of this image to reuse it with added content. Although the image is not mine, and I don't know who to credit, the message is a universally valuable one that I felt compelled to share again. You are responsible for your own happiness. Nobody quite put it that way for me … Continue reading Happiness is…

Our 2018 Message

I'm so delighted to be entering the new year and still be writing for StayBlooming.com. I didn't get a chance to finish off 2017 with a post that showed how grateful I feel but it's never too late for gratitude. Writing has always been my #1 passion and wanting to educate others through sharing my … Continue reading Our 2018 Message

Back to Nature

I had an amazing opportunity over this past weekend (which was also my birthday weekend) to go to the mountains in Catskill, NY. I'm a nature lover as it is so I was excited to say the least. I only stood for 3 days and 3 nights but that was more than enough time to … Continue reading Back to Nature

Forms of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique that teaches one to live in a conscious state and in the moment. It's one of the main practices in Buddhism and also in meditation... but it's not limited to just that. Mindfulness has the ability to reveal a sense of tranquility for absolutely anyone. Also, one of the greatest things … Continue reading Forms of Mindfulness