The Revolutionary Dog Walker, A Book Review

First & foremost, I have to say how completely moved I feel to share this book with my readers. This is not only a book review but also an in depth interview with the author who works under the alias Rebel Kitty. The Revolutionary Dog Walker is full of random stories from Kitty’s experience as … Continue reading The Revolutionary Dog Walker, A Book Review


One For The Culture

"Sometimes you win sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains." This was a pretty powerful yet subtle message I received today. Some events in our lives can leave us wondering, "Why now?" Those are the moments where we should be taking a break and appreciating what is. That may mean self-care like I regarded in my … Continue reading One For The Culture

A Coming Identity

There is something astounding you feel within when you share a certain kind of suffering with someone. It was naïve of me to think that there was no one else out there who’d understand my sentiments. Yet here we are. I’m a Nuyorican. And for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s a Puerto … Continue reading A Coming Identity

The 5-Minute Beach Clean-up Challenge

Hey there bloomers! Yesterday I started the conversation about oceanic pollution and how it affects the entire world. You can click here to view the World Environment Day post. But to recap here — this week I’m spending time on bringing awareness to this environmental problem that affects our entire ocean. Today I'm continuing that … Continue reading The 5-Minute Beach Clean-up Challenge

Summertime Enthusiasm

Happy 1st of June everyone! With the a new month starting and summertime around the corner, wants to send a message of positive reflecting. This summer, don't count your struggles as what held you back but as the challenges that came up during your success. I love this time of year in New York City. … Continue reading Summertime Enthusiasm

Your Searches, Planting Trees

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend in one way or another. I'm spending it by relaxing with the mixed weather we're having here in NYC. Anywho, I wanted to share this search engine called Ecosia that I've been using for over a year now. It uses the ad dollars companies put up to … Continue reading Your Searches, Planting Trees

Ode to Journeys of the Self

I have the privilege of being well acquainted with the lovely artist of the piece I'm showcasing today. It is called The Birth of Fem and it's reflective of newfound confidence in her creativeness & self-identity. Being in her humble presence makes her work that much more captivating. But I hope sharing it with you … Continue reading Ode to Journeys of the Self