Moodiez Review

Hey bloomers! I had the pleasure of receiving complimentary organic hand-crafted samples from this awesome all-natural shop Moodiez. They operate through their Etsy shop and Instagram which makes browsing & purchasing rather easy if you’re an existing user. Plus taking all major credit card and/or PayPal.

Top left and clockwise: pumpkin lip scrub (1), sparkling rose dead sea scrub (2), liberation bath soak (3), and detox clay mask (4). Below is my personal review of the above items. I reviewed them in the order that I tried them:

  1. Pumpkin lip scrub is extremely hydrating. It’s low-key tasty but great to soften lips. I could still feel it there after washing off. I also have some leftovers from sampling.
  2. Rose & vanilla detox clay mask is super easy to use. It literally only needs a tiny bit water if using water. Plus has a relaxing smell. I didn’t notice any effects right away.
  3. Sparkling rose dead sea scrub is amazing. I love the glimmer it leaves and my skin was soft to touch after the shower and the next day. It smells rosy and can feel a bit oily but nonetheless moisturizing.
  4. Liberation bath soak was relaxing. I opted to put in the bag that avoids mess so clean-up was easy. I would love to try it again but with the contents loose in my bath.

Overall, I’m really happy that I was able to try these products. I’m a very low maintenance woman when it comes to my beauty and aesthetics but given that these products are all natural and left me feeling like I was walking on clouds… I would totally buy for myself or as gifts! You should check out the variety of goods that they hav. Ranging from floral pearl highlighters for the make-up girl to an extensive bunch of different bath soaks made for self-care and relaxation.

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Veganized Domino’s Pizza

Yes, you read right! I veganized a Domino’s pizza pie today. I was inspired to order it because I had a free medium pie offer from the pizza franchise. As apart of their rewards program for several previous orders, I got to customize a 12-inch medium pizza for free and only paid delivery fees. I did some research and found this article Veganize Pizza Delivery from PETA2. Following their direction I got a thin crust pie with no cheese, regular robust tomato sauce, mushrooms, banana peppers (personal fave!), and spinach. This was the outcome:

The pizza was decent. I found that there’s 2 things to consider when veganizing a Domino’s pie. First thing is that you should definitely add extra of each vegetable topping you pick. It will be 10x more satisfying and filling with more toppings. The thin crust is exactly that and felt as thin as a tortilla to me. The second thing is totally consider carrying it out in person or the distance they’ll have to deliver it to you. Light sauce can mean for a dry pizza. 😭 Overall, I’m glad that I found a doable fast food option!

Meditation in Under 2 Minutes

I found this super short & funny video about meditation that I wanted to share. I’ve been meditating for a few years and recently it’s gained a lot more attention in society. I think that’s a great, positive thing for people to be excited about though. But from one soul to another, here is a truly simple video for anyone who meditates. From beginner to expert it’s always nice to review the essentials. I just downloaded the app Headspace on my iPhone to help make meditation more apart of my daily regimens. It’s also available for Android and accessible on desktop computers. I’ll be sure to write a review on my use and if it helps me. 😊


Your Searches, Planting Trees

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend in one way or another. I’m spending it by relaxing with the mixed weather we’re having here in NYC. Anywho, I wanted to share this search engine called Ecosia that I’ve been using for over a year now. It uses the ad dollars companies put up to show on search engines to plant trees. So essentially when you’re doing research, using Ecosia, each ad plants a tree. All you would have to do is either install it as an extension on your current web browser (I use Google Chrome) or go to like you’d go to

With environmental concerns and awareness becoming more & more substantial, I always think of how I might be able to help. And also, how can other people get involved even if it’s remotely. If you can’t find time to participate in things like volunteering or activism as much as you’d like so this adds value to something you’re already doing in your everyday life. When you’re on your individual computer’s Ecosia page, it will even tell you how many trees you help plant in the top right corner. Unfortunate to say though, it resets for every different browser and computer used so there won’t be a total tally unless you’re probably keeping your own record.

Furthermore, I have found Ecosia‘s search engine to be lacking on the information side. You always have to be careful when you’re looking up facts in the first place but I was not fully satisfied with the results it yielded. Google has always been, by far, the best search engine tool in the last almost two decades of existing. But when researching something that I know is an easy search and rather direct, Ecosia is the way. It’s for such a great cause!

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Daisy VoxBox from Influenster

I’ve been posting this VoxBox I received complimentary all over my social feeds and I wanted to finally share what it’s about! So Influenster is this new app that you sync to your social media accounts and they use your follower count to determine your audience. They also ask you a bunch of questions about your preferences to narrow down which products you should get. It’s really cool because you can be totally honest about the products you review and there are obviously great incentives to find new products you might’ve never tried otherwise. You can download the Influenster app and get involved yourself! All complimentary!

The above box is the Daisy VoxBox includes a microwaveable Skinny Pop popcorn, full-size Live Clean coconut milk shampoo & conditioner, full-size Nature’s Bounty probiotic gummies, pack of 3 sample always Infinity pads with FlexFoam, and finally a YesToTomatoes charcoal paper mask. Specific reviews will be posted soon and will be updated here when they’re published.

Book Review: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

I’m proud to say I finally finished reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and this book was worth the time it took reading. The version I read is shown above. Click it or click here to see the book’s Barnes & Noble webpage. Although a short book, I found it appropriately fitting for each moment I had time to read. It was perfection on perfection. But carrying on…

I’ve always said that I practice a Buddhist philosophy rather than call myself Buddhist. But either works. To each his, or her, own. The main character’s mental struggle and search for ultimate knowledge puts him on a path that allows him to gain what he is looking for but only through experience of his own. I have read a few books about Buddhism and it’s usually very warm and enlightening. However, just as Hesse states & restates in Siddhartha, they are just teachings.

Moreover, I suggest this book to any conscious thinker. It’s highly relatable in the fact that you don’t have to experience a sin-free life of perfect wisdom to come to a state of knowing or “nirvana”.

Therapeutic Writing

Writing has always been my favorite way to express myself. I can take my time with my thoughts and find the words to exactly articulate what I’m thinking. Blogging requires me to be more consistent so it’s important to keep it fun & interesting.
I’ve been spending a lot of time writing since creating With that being said, I wanted to share 3 styles of therapeutic writing that I practice everyday. They help me stick to my writing goals (and accomplishing them), get out of boring routine, and also help new ideas bloom from existing ones.

Free Writing 📝

Free writing is the most simple. It’s writing about anything and everything that comes to your mind. Most of the time (even when you’re not in the mood to write) you will end up elaborating on one thought or another more than you thought you would. You can sometimes get to a point that you (kind of) lose consciousness in the art of your writing. It’s those thoughts that can display how your authentic self feels. You can reflect later or even look back in the moment. Venting to a good friend is much similar to free writing. There is no judgement. From writing about serious matters to silly ones, it’s bound to be a release.

Poetry Writing 💭

Poetry writing is especially fun because you can approach it in so many different ways. Poetry in itself has a bunch of different styles that can be applied to whatever’s being expressed. Some styles are unique to historical poets and others are unique to the poet who is writing. It’s needless to say that the possibilities are endless. The description of deep meaning is the eloquence of poetry. And to be able capture any emotion makes for great therapeutic writing.

Never to Send Letters 💌

This is probably the most significant of the three and the one that I do the least. I call them “Never to Send Letters” because I have looked on the internet and there is no shorter description. I actually didn’t find as much as I thought I would on it either. (Yes, I do research before writing!) In this style, you write a letter to someone without any intention of sending it. It’s venting on an extreme level… it can be a very humbling experience during devastating times. If done the right way, you find instances of where you actually did not need to say things. Especially hurtful things.

Overall, I wanted to share this with my readers because writing is a wonderful tool to relieve stress/excessive thinking but also stimulate mindful thoughts about oneself. I like to try my hand at different kinds of writing even if I’m not familiar with it. The goal is to find new ideas, elaborate on them, and grow. Something is committed to! 🌻