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img_0786“I am Alyssa Perez, I am an environmentalist, a writer, and the founder of Stay Blooming. I’m a 28-year-old Puerto Rican and mother of one. I am currently wrapping up my Environmental Studies at Queens College. I write for a column called Environmentally Woke for my school’s online publication QC Voices. I am a member of the vegan collective Veggie Mijas that provides people of color with vegan/vegetarian resources and opportunities to socialize with one another. I also have a professional experience in animal care and visual merchandising. I have worked with organizations like the Bronx Zoo and Animal Care Centers of NYC—which forced my eyes to open in regard to how personal interests and politics within large organizations can affect their promised goals and decision making. I have also worked for retail stores like J.Crew, Todd Snyder, Diesel, and Calvin Klein that have taught me to have a keen eye for all things aesthetically pleasing.

“All the while, I have been passionate about our natural world and how we treat it. Becoming a mother has consequentially made me realize I need to take initiative to leave the world in better condition for my son and future generations. This passion to reconnect people to earth has since become my career and life’s work. More specifically, I am interested in sustainability, building a circular economy, living among wildlife, and humanity’s connection to these related topics.

img_0802“Although I am from & reside in the Bronx (NYC), I prefer a very relaxed lifestyle. I follow and practice Buddhist philosophies; Buddhism is the “religion” I choose to identify with. I meditate often and I do not consume meat. A natural humanitarian, I simply want to develop every single person I encounter. Some things that I enjoy include: reading, learning, spending time with my little one, being outdoors, meditating, gardening, animals, iceskating, hiking, working on projects, and especially stargazing.”

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