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Blooming on Instagram: Daily Inspo

Who makes your social media worth having? Blooming on Instagram is an all-new bit that will regularly highlight people who bring their followers joy, understanding, awareness, entertainment, etc. Since it is the second most used form of social media in the US, it is a great place to find your niche, feed your personal interests, and get information. Therefore, we want to make follow suggestions you will not regret.

This bit’s theme is daily inspiration and 6 women who serve it:   

amyAmy Quichiz – @imsecretlyacat
VeggieMijas Website

Amy is a writer and an advocate for women of color, the LGBTQ community, and mental health. She is also the founder of @veggiemijas and uses this platform to organize for vegans/vegetarians of color across the nation. The collective gets people together for fun events, pot lucks, cooking lessons, and to ultimately give them a space to connect with one another. She is inspirational because she is eager to see everyone included and doing good. Her success organizing community can be attributed to her selflessness but also her transparency in tending to her own balance and self-care. She’s a woman who wears many hats and masters each of them. Jane of all trades? You mean Amy of all ethical values.

rocioRocio Cabrera – @rociomarie__

Rocio is a self-acclaimed “business bae.” You see all kinds of people promoting themselves as a brand, but I can assure you none are as eccentric and raw as Rocio. She is an artist and jewelry maker who is not only unafraid of your opinion but shares the side of having a business you rarely see. Being so frank with mental health in her art work and business building makes her highly relatable. It is the millennial thing to want to work for yourself and she is doing it. Speaking of frank, Rocio is the modern-day Lisa Frank. Her colorful personality, love of bright colors, fearlessness makes her so inspirational to just be yourself—I think we all aspire to be as fearless as her. Not only that but Rocio even has a paid intern… business bae for sure.

kiaraKiara Ventura – @kiara_cristina | Twitter @kiara_cristina

Kiara is an artist and art curator. Her Instagram acts as a display, if you will, to art exhibits she visits, contemporary art, and as a window into her self-employed lifestyle. She shows her freedom of expression through her style of dress, makeup looks, her taste in art, and creating fun in mundane tasks. Kiara founded @artsywindow that serves to connect artists with exhibitions and events. She has even organized art workshops that decolonize the normal university art history class and include the importance of people of color contributions to art. She is inspirational because of this initiative to take back the narrative.

yvetteYvette Montoya – @yvettaactually
Board Advisor for @lets.give

Yvette is a writer who also does marketing and participates in building community. Her Instagram always features notable current events as well as events she attends. She can bring you up to speed and help you to understand politics. Especially with being right in the thick of a political climate that has gotten grueling and is always changing—you have to follow her stories. Yvette dissects the news and makes it digestible. She especially pays attention to women and people of color, and how they are affected by current politics. She is on the board of advisors for the non-profit organization @lets.give that provides volunteer opportunities for our youth. She is also a great artist although her Instagram does not focus on that. She inspires us to get involved, make informed decisions/opinions, and not shy away from the state of current affairs.

monicaMonica Flores – @ratedm | Co-founder of @hydr0punk

Monica is a non-binary artist and a social activist that has many specialties. Aside from always paying homage to her ancestors and Mexican lineage, she is an earth lover and a humanitarian who is steadily un-conditioning modern social norms. As a co-founder of @hydr0punk she helps to create community organization and workshops. The platform encourages artists to share their talents and showcase their abilities. She inspires people to protest and advocate for positive change in New York City. Not only has she helped to shed light on gentrification but through Instagram, organizes and educates viewers on the everyday happenings that contribute to it. The work she does focuses on being at the forefront of awareness.

joyJoy Valerie Carrera – @joyvaleriee
Founder of @basicbrownnerds | LinkedIn Profile 

Joy is a powerhouse and just the person to motivate you to do anything. She does work in digital media and advertising and is also an advertising operations consultant. Her Instagram serves many purposes: building community, motivating women to pursue tech, traveling, and sharing tips on how to accomplish your goals while managing stress/mental health. The advice she gives on organization is inspiring and makes big takes seem possible through small bite-sized goals. She even has a podcast called @basicbrownnerds that encompasses all of this and more. If you are not inspired yet then you will at least be motivated when you follow her.

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