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Giving Tuesday and All Season

Giving Tuesday is a unique day of the year that initiates charitable giving and highlights the needs of others before our own.  Taking place the Tuesday after the much contested Thanksgiving, it is “celebrated” by donating funds, clothing, food, or other items to organizations that are at front lines of servicing others.  They may also be donated directly to those who are in need.  Those in need could have many meanings depending on your personal values and interests like less fortunate children/families, homeless persons, environmental organizations, or even local groups that provide services for the community.  This is why we want to work with you.

By using this day as a starting point to do good for the holiday season, help compile a list of organizations that devote their efforts to definitively needy or local causes.  Below you will find causes to donate to as well as a brief description of what you will be supporting:

Aid for Asylum Seekers
Recent events at the border of Mexico have triggered an outpour of emotions and activism work.  The donations provided for this effort will help obtain medicines to treat those seeking asylum as their lives have been made more and more difficult to live normally, let alone in a healthy manner.
Join @lalobalocashares in this necessary effort by donating to the Venmo @theniks.

Bronx Social Center
This is an organization that has brought workshops of all kinds to people in the Bronx community, one that has does not ordinarily have a lot of access.  They are now seeking donations to hire an expediter to forego updates that change the certificate of occupancy—a requirement that is necessary for the group to continue to host events in this space.
Click here to donate to this cause in The Bronx.


Caravan Aid Efforts
This cause is bringing a variety of necessary items to the caravan of Central Americans at the border of Mexico.  In addition to medicine, clothing, and food donations, this cause is accepting items to serve as a peace bringing to these people.  To let them know there are many U.S. residents who wish for their safety, asylum, and general wellbeing.  This cause was initiated by @salmaglitz and contributions will be doing to the same group as Aid for Asylum Seekers.
Click here to send funds via Venmo to @salma-morales.

This organization features their very own online search engine that plants trees with your searches.  The option to install the extension onto your browser or to use the browser independently (without needing to download) is completely up to you and it’s also free.  If you are into environmental causes, then this could be ideal for you.  In addition, for Giving Tuesday, they are planting 20 trees for every t-shirt they sell on their website.
Click here to visit their online shop and purchase a t-shirt.

Lead with Love
This organization, Lead with Love, has partnered with many others like Tutor the Bronx, Strive4HigherEd, Dominican Women’s Development Center, La Mente, The Last Stop, College Bridge Café, and Uptown Hub to host a 1-day clothing drive event that will also provide many other resources to the community.  This will enable them to be better prepared for interviews and equip them with resources that are available locally.  It will be held on Saturday, December 1st from 12pm to 4pm at:
5731 Broadway
Bronx, NY 10463

Uptown Winter Drive
gnrtn.WHY has partnered up with and @rangclub_ to gather gently worn men’s items.  This one is aimed to help men on the street with an entire package of goods as well as a warm meal.  Donations need to be brought by December 12th, and are accepted Monday thru Friday (from 9am to 7pm) at:
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church
91 Arden Street

New York, NY 10040

If you know of another cause that could be featured on this article, please send us a link, flier, and/or any other details that will help us direct donations to!  We appreciate all information you share—this holiday season we want everyone to feel a sense of consideration, happiness, love, and hope.


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