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Stay Blooming is Blooming has been through many stages of growth since launching in February 2017. All written articles and videos were solely published by our founder but there is an obvious ethical issue with that. This platform intends to spread a mindful message regarding a vast number of topics, that affect many different groups of people. When covering these matters through research only, it leaves room for error and can be disconnected from its whole truth.

In order to give our readers an authentic and trustworthy experience, we must be able to represent them in the most legitimate way possible—by being experienced in what we write about. This allows our readers to connect with the author that they identify with most and ultimately gain more from

In short, we are delighted to introduce a team of writers who will be making their presence, passions, and personalities be known over the next month. You can learn more about each author by visiting their individual pages and reading their personalized bios, just hover over the Team link in the navigation. Also, be sure to follow their social media accounts and keep up with the great work they are doing. Every ounce of support motivates us to keep creating conscious content just for you. Stay tuned and stay blooming!


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