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Mental Health Aid Training in NYC


Recently, mental illness has become a notable issue in society. It’s not a new topic and a lot of people actually have first-hand experience with mental health struggles. Whether it be for a personal experience or that of a family member or close friend, it could even be someone you see posting on social media, mental health awareness is important.

I was raised in a family where discussing our feelings wasn’t very common. As I’ve gotten older, I see that I’m not alone with this circumstantial upbringing. A lot of us have been taught to deal with our feelings on our own and without proper guidance on how to actually navigate tough emotions. More often than not, children are left with more questions than answers. And adults don’t always feel obligated to explain (or apologize for) things that children sometimes bear witness to. With that said, we can enhance our mental health and cope with mental illness so it does not have to be an unspoken wisdom.

From children to adults, we all feel depression, stress, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness or grief at different points in our lives. These are emotions that make us human but sometimes we don’t know how to work our way through it or how to alleviate others who might feel that way. ThriveNYC, a part of New York City Department of Health, is providing Mental Health First Aid Training courses (via ThriveNYC Learning Center) for anyone who is interested in a 3-year certification as a Mental Health First Aid. There aren’t any special requirements necessary for this certificate and it’s free to participate in.

This opportunity allows everyday New Yorkers to not only learn about the challenges that the mentally ill face but also teach them how to act as a guide or coach for people who suffer with mental illness. Course trainings are available in all boroughs and can be registered for by clicking here. There are a variety of courses available which focus on different groups of New Yorkers as their mental health needs may be different too.

Click here for training course dates and locations!

Other material available : Self-Care and Managing Stress | Self-Care Stress Management Toolkit | Resources

If not for yourself, consider acquiring these skills to help others. 💝


2 comments on “Mental Health Aid Training in NYC

  1. pattydemiami

    This is great. I wish I had this opportunity here, locally.


    • I wish there was an online course training available, everyone needs to get in on this. Even if not for a loved one, we all encounter a time in life where these skills would be useful. 🙂


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