Social Media Hiatus has been a one woman band for as long as it has been alive.  It has been an ongoing challenge to be consistent and do it creatively.  Due to some recent changes in my life, I’m facing some inevitable adjustments and I’ll have less personal time on my hands.  My solution is a temporary social media hiatus that includes the accounts associated with like Instagram (@istayblooming), Facebook (/istayblooming), and Twitter (@istayblooming).

However long this break may be, will be unaffected.  The blog will be updated with new content and the shop remains open if you’re interested in ecofriendly goods or flower stickers I’m selling. Occasionally, I’ll add mirrored content from my published material on QC Voices.

I was moved to make this decision because I’m going to have a lot on my plate in the upcoming months.  It feels genuinely fair to my mental health.  I could choose to overwhelm my mind with an agenda full of things to do and a bunch of background activity, or simply not.  My sacrifice is so that I can raise my quality of life by ridding of pressure to pick up my phone unnecessarily or being on it longer than I need to be.

So with that said, maybe you too could put the phone down and focus on life a bit more.
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