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Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on September 20th, last year. Reaching a Category 4 strength, it completely overpowered Puerto Rico in a way we’ve never before seen. Not only did they lose all power but their infrastructure was damaged causing rescues and repairs to be delayed. As the U.S.’ response has been criticized over the last year, we witness on-land U.S. Puerto Ricans do more of the work that the government should be doing… and that’s what brings this post.

Almost a year after Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico still needs help.

Aside from funding that entire towns/cities and businesses need to rebuild, individuals and families are still struggling and in need too. Inspired by one of her friends,Β Illani TorresΒ organized a GoFundMe to prepare students who will be starting school soon. She designed the campaign to help students from her family’s hometown of Cabo Rojo to get school supplies before starting class on August 13th.

Update on 9/26/2018

Below are pictures of the students in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico who received the above-mentioned school supplies. They were able to start their school year with the right tools, thanks toΒ Illani Torres, who packed the bags herself and ensured their arrival to these students. It’s amazing how much of a difference one person and a little effort can make.



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