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I’m honored to announce that I, Alyssa Perez, Editor of StayBlooming.com, will be contributing to my school’s online periodical QC Voices.  If you’ve read about me & StayBlooming.com’s history on the Roots page, you know that I’m currently a student at Queens College.  I decided to complete my BA in Environmental Studies shortly after starting StayBlooming.com to build my credibility as a writer.

Blogging is great because it gives me many avenues of expressing myself/my ideas and it comes with a flexibility like no other medium.  I admit that journalism is still just an optional route.  I write for StayBlooming.com truly as an act of love.  A labor that I owe to earth because it not only gave me life but consciousness of it.  It’s a mission of mine to put into written words what I intuitively understand to be a universal language.  So, I’m merely just following my heart and living in my truth.

I applied to be a part of QC Voices because my confidence was just right.  I have been publicly blogging for some time now.  I can comfortably discuss the topics I write on especially environmental views.  I use my social media platforms to spread awareness and gained sisterhood through that like-mindedness.  And I am ready to keep growing.  After submitting writing samples and StayBlooming.com, I was invited to have my own column with QC Voices called Environmentally Woke.

As this is just an introduction of what’s to come, you can expect to see my QC Voices work on here too in the future.  I hope this opportunity holds me accountable to my writing during the school term just as much as it expands my ability to write.  In the meantime, check me out on the Team page along with the other student contributors!

Thank you for blooming with me.


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  1. I’m sooooooo happy for you. This is such a great opportunity to take your passion to another level. To take your knowledge and share it with others as well as the opportunity to learn as you go. I’m very happy for you Alyssa.

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