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I’m very happy to share The Black VegFest event happening on August 11th! It’s a vegan festival that celebrates POC who value vegan ideals and ought to see themselves represented. Encouraging both new and vet vegans alike to come out, and not only indulge in the food, but be among community and like-mindedness.

As a new vegan, I’ve realized how much community is helpful in keeping you accountable. It enables you to keep yourself in check but also learn from others. You’ll soon pick up on the variation of foods and alternatives others use when cooking. Since we don’t all have that AHA! moment when cooking vegan-style, learning new recipes is a great form of community engagement. You also make new friends and find new places to shop for food or dine-out!

The festival will be in Brooklyn, NY and is also a ticketed event. It’s kids-friendly with a lot of things for everyone in the family to enjoy. Check out the flier below…

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For more information please visit They have a great abundance of information on their site, including festival presenters, sponsors, and how you can volunteer. Or to RSVP, please click here.

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