Hello bloomers!ย  There are 15ย new flower stickers (and sets!) for sale in the StayBlooming.comย Shop.ย  Each of the digital edited photographs feature some of the prettiest blooms that can be found at New York City’s Central Park Garden Conservatory.


The featured sets include the following flowers:

Thicket of Flowers: Mexican Milkweed (very top), Zinnia (top left), Pink Daisy (top right), Purslane (bottom left), and the Madagascar Periwinkle (bottom right).

Knot of Flowers: Hydrangeas (very top), Orange Daisy (top left), Dahlia (top right), Cosmos (bottom left), and the Moth Orchid (bottom right).

Mess of Flowers: Bugle Lilies (very top), Corndaisy (top left), Gazania (top right), Camellia (bottom left), and the Gardenia (bottom right).

Each order of stickers comes with a very intentional pick of flower seeds.ย  They’re among the most favorite for insects and other beings that provide natural pollinating services for our world.
To make a purchase and promote this cause, visit our shop today!


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