Founder’s Recap

I hope this post finds you well. It’s been a very slow two months at and I want to take the time to fill you guys in. All work and updates on the site were on a temporary hold. I needed time to focus on personal matters and I felt it was best to give those things my undivided attention. During that time I decided to make some changes upon returning to write for you all.

In attempt to deliver something new, I rolled out the Events page over a month ago. It was compiled of all types of artsy, green, and self-aware eventsβ€”all of which to cater to my New York City readers and encourage community/promote access to information. I enjoyed the results I started to see but it required a lot of maintenance. More maintenance than I wanted to offer it. Although I believe it is worthy idea, I want to invest my time in other endeavors for So there will no longer be an Events page.

With that being said, the following changes will be taking place during June. I truly hope you come again for the improved experience. Here are some of the things you can expect to see happen:

  • Revamping of old quote images and re-rolling them out
  • Removal of irrelevant posts/content
  • Updated look & feel of Top Articles (currently available)
  • All-new page for Resources (coming soon)
  • The Connect page is now the space for Questions?
  • New stickers in the Shop

To stay as updated as possible for the changes coming to, follow @istayblooming on Instagram. Namaskar.


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