Spring is here and it’s time to drop your winter baggage. I always feel the greatest sense of relief when the air smells of new vegetation and I’m able to wear less layers outside. Winter typically comes with the anticipation of holiday celebration but it can sometimes bring burden, pressure, and/or challenging expectations for some.

There are people who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), where a decreased amount of sunlight unregulates someone’s natural cycles/rhythms. It causes them to feel depressed at the same time each year. I think this affects many more people than they are aware. But that’s what makes this time of year so advantageous and ripe for goodness. A time of releasing those pent up winter emotions and energies.

Here are some examples of thoughtful tasks you can set for yourself…


  • pick up a book for personal reading, something that you want to read; you can also consider books that feature a series of short stories for a quicker reading experience
  • take a long or short showers, dress lightly, put some candles/incense on, sit, close your eyes, and meditate; do this a few times during the week, pick a time that works best for your schedule
  • go out for a long stroll in a park by yourself or with family/friends, it serves the mind well to subtly connect with nature and simply reflect or enjoy your company

Being Productive

  • sit down and make a list of everything that you would like to get done over the break (realistically!), next prioritize the list from most important that you get done to least important… then start working on your first task
  • look for events happening in your city that are usually for tourists, in NYC that’s an overwhelming amount of things to do, but try something that’s completely new and outside of your normal routine so you can gain new insight, knowledge, or just an overall experience
  • think about something you’ve been meaning to get around to; this could be anything from sorting through a pile of papers that’s been sitting, to doing your official “spring cleaning”, to a favor for someone that you were to busy to tend to before

Less like goals and more like thoughtful things to-do, set some of these tasks for yourself to accomplish during spring break. When you self-initiate with meaning and intention, you build a solid foundation that is all yours. You create conscious and healthy habits as well. Make this time count and look at it as the footing for the rest of 2018.



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