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March for Our Lives

march for our lives

The March for Our Lives event is in solidarity with the students of Stoneman Douglas High School students, their families, and everyone who supports the need for gun law reform. Today, we recognize peaceful marching as protest to show our government we want change.

Transitional change is sometimes helpful and easier to cope with but something as fatal, frequent, and unpredictable as school/crowd shootings require immediate attention.

The request is not to take guns completely away from those who own them, but rather to ensure the process of purchasing arms is a difficult one. It is to ensure background checks are actually verifying someone’s identity accurately. It is to ensure that gun sellers have access to databases with this sensitive information. It is to ensure that these sometimes fatal weapons are less accessible with more restrictions that perpetuate decreased accessibility. To ensure that our government realizes we are aware of the real issue and we are holding them accountable.

Click here to visit the March For Our Lives organization website.
Join the march or support the cause by sharing on social media or texting ‘RESIST’ to 50409 to your officials.


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