In just a few days, Oprah & Deepak’s newest 21-day Meditation Experience will begin and I am really excited. I’ve been waiting a little bit to participate in their next meditation event and be able to share it with you all. This one is called Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit and begins on March 19th. Participants sign-in to gain access to daily meditations and a free e-book by Deepak Chopra.

The experience is intended to incorporate a healthy practice of meditation in your everyday life, all the while helping you to manage/decrease your stress levels, self-awareness, and authenticity. Whether meditation is a practice that you have tried before or not, anyone can benefit from this program. It’s meant for a quiet and comfortable setting so be sure to give yourself the space you’ll need. Join before it begins byΒ clicking here and signing up.

An incentive to get involved is that it’s completely free! You’ll immediately notice that outside of the 21-day ritual, everything has a price tag. So take advantage of the opportunity especially if you haven’t tried meditation before, this is even better for a first-timer! Enjoy bloomers.



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