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Enjoying A Solo Valentine’s Day


I’m not a stranger to spending Valentine’s day alone and I pride myself on the time I spend with myself. But it’s not the same situation for everyone. Understandably, some of us still do want to celebrate love although we’re not in romantic relationships. So let me be the first to say that romance is not required for Valentine’s day — celebrating with anyone you love is great enough.

Here is a list of things you can do to bask in the sending and possibly receipt of love for a solo Valentine’s or something like that:

  1. Reach out to your closest family members & your closest friends. Wish them a happy Valentine’s day with their own partner or simply thank them for the love they’ve given you over the years/months/or whatever amount of time you’ve known them. A quick & easy way to feel a sense of love’s purpose.
  2. Feeling a bit rebellious? You can always arrange a date with a close friend and pick a spot you’d normally see couples flocking to. You don’tΒ have to be in a relationship to dine out on Valentine’s day. I’d also encourage you to take advantage of deals going for the occasion!
  3. If you have a pet that you love then spend the day with them.
  4. Whether you have to work or not — make it a spa day. Ladies, if you can make beauty appointments to get your hair and/or nails done. Do it! Even for men, if you have the time to get a haircut, do it for you. I know some of us have busy schedules and we can’t just take a day off but even utilizing your shower time to totally relax can work. Light a candle or two, cover lights for dimming, soak in the tub, and bring a book with you. Does not have to be an actual spa setting.
  5. Go all out and opposite. Make it an evening of watching thrillers like horror films or crime shows. Because why not?!
  6. Surprise your single friends with small gifts. Shouldn’t be over the top kind of gifts but something small, sweet, and inexpensive. Something that let’s your friends know you care about their V-day!
  7. If you’re already used to spending Valentine’s day alone but the loneliness is starting to lose its shine & luster, start a personal V-day tradition. It can be with or without company — but has to be something outside of your daily routine. Consider it an act of love towards yourself.
  8. The best and most underrated advice: treat it like a normal day.

Happy loving.


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