Do you enjoy daily mantras or affirmations?
Did you know they can have both a healing & positive affect on you?
Would you like to motivate yourself more often?
Does feeling in control of your mental state sound beneficial?
Do I have you curious now?
Here is a great yet simple way to achieve mindfulness & keep yourself grounded daily.

I have I always utilized my alarm clock for far more than just waking up. I use it as a reminder for medications, vitamins, regular skin/hair care, feeding my pets, and even as a reminder to do free-writing. All of which are really important to my unique maintenance β€” they’re all things that keep me motivated, keep me healthy, and keep me being my best self. When I thought about it this way is when it dawned on me. I should be reminding myself of how great I am too!

I sat down and came up with a few different mantras/affirmations that resonated with me. You can also use these or you can come up with your own. After, I matched them to different times of the day to correspond to the times I think I’d need the affirmation most.

8:00am Gain momentum…
10:30am No limits in the universe.
1:00pm Handle that!
3:30pm With grace…
6:00pm Constant appreciation for you.
8:30pm I can bounce back!

Almost as soon as I implemented my idea I saw it would be successful. I would be alarmed of an affirmation at just the right time being that I predetermined this. For instance, I like to get myself going in the morning so I use the mantra “Gain momentum” to remind myself that this is the start, the speed at which I go, is the speed at which I’ll keep going. Another example, I usually find myself most overwhelmed in the afternoon to evening hours. This is why I have more emotionally motivation affirmations like, “With grace…” and “I can bounce back!”

To further personalize the alarms, I added emojis. And I have to admit they helped set the tone for what I was trying to accomplish. Here’s how mine look:

I really hope to inspire you guys to set some affirmation alarms. Take a moment to think about your schedule, what you’re typically doing, and the message you want to send yourself. It’s a great tool to stay emotionally aware and what’s even greater is that you are being your own guidance. Send me your experiences if you decide to use this — I would love to hear how it worked for you! Feel free to leave feedback in the comments too!



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