Happiness is…

you are responsible for your own happiness

I removed an earlier post of this image to reuse it with added content. Although the image is not mine, and I don’t know who to credit, the message is a universally valuable one that I felt compelled to share again. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Nobody quite put it that way for me growing up. They did say, “you’re responsible for yourself” or “you’re responsible for your actions” but never happiness. Not only just that, but nobody teaches you what happiness actually is. They fail to mention that happiness is a temporary feeling. It’s not a destination, it’s not a tangible thing to hold, and it’s not something permanent to keep.

Happiness is… whatever you make it to be.
So happiness also is… what you put your effort into being.
Therefore, making happiness… a phase where you’re being with intention.
What’s being with intention?

Boom. Happiness is mindfulness. You are welcome.


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