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Top 10 Posts of 2017

With the last day of 2017 finally here, I wanted to share the 10 most popular posts of 2017 published on StayBlooming.com. It has been an extremely pleasant year of learning, growth, and establishing this blog. I witnessed myself stay true to this passion and realized the potential writing honestly can have. I’m planning on doing a lot more expansion & collaborating for 2018; hoping for nothing less than success! Without further adieu, here are the posts you liked the most:

#1 ‘A Name’ by Ada Limón
ada limon

#2 The 5-Minute Beach Clean-up Challenge
5 minute beach clean up

#3 ‘hey, listen to your emotions…’

#4 Text “Resist” to 50409
text resist to 50409

#5 The Many Meanings of Self-Care

#6 Introductory Vlog 0.01
introductory vlog screen capture

#7 #NetNeutrality

#8 Forms of Mindfulness

#9 Melanin Vlog 0.02
melanin vlog screen capture

#10 What is Social Responsibility?

Wishing you all a safe & fun new year celebration.


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