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Diversity in Technology


If there’s one thing that New York City has, it’s diversity. So why aren’t we seeing more women or minorities pursue passions in web development or design? There is an outstanding need for people who can code & make websites… so why aren’t there enough people to get those jobs? There’s probably a bunch of fitting answers to that but I found some motivation for anyone who may really be interested.

This NYC initiative, called Tech Talent Pipeline, is looking to train, teach, and certify New Yorkers to find those modern day jobs in our city. The program was established due to the need for web developers, web designers, etc. and the lack thereof. Since more & more businesses are taking to the internet, the demand for tech-savvy employees is also growing. This program ensures that opportunities are created to pave a way to a reality where there are actually candidates for these tech jobs.

Although they do have some criteria you must meet in order to even be considered, it’s worth a shot if you have the time to commit yourself. Some of the criteria include must be 18 or over, must be a NYC resident, must have an income lower than $50,000 (if working), no prior experience in web development, etc. Fit the criteria and still interested? Use the links below to narrow down what could be your future…

Careers in the Field

Quiz: What is your tech type?

Web Development Fellowship*

Join for Updates Here!

*This is the current opportunity they’re offering. Fellowship is a full-time program and you must meet their criteria.


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