Cause Change: African Lions & Elephants

Our last cause to donate towards the Mexico and Puerto Rico natural disaster relief proved to be moving. I wish I was able to provide a variety of goods so that donating towards those causes would have different rewards. I will definitely be working on more merchandise moving forward… so expect some new things soon in my shop.

Personally, I don’t think that enough has been done in terms of aiding efforts in Puerto Rico. The delayed reaction from the Trump administration continued to show their lack of urgency in real matters — putting a spotlight on the bias in our current white house clan. I was amazed to see so many people step up and put their own personal time & money into local/community efforts. Amazed is an underwhelming way to describe it… because it legit made me emotional. And as much as it was a close to home kind of thing, I always want to reflect what’s currently going on in the world. Since there’s so much compassion needed everywhere.

The next causes that our shop‘s proceeds will be donated to are African lions and elephants. Recently we’ve seen a drop in the number of these animals due to poaching. It’s hard to change the minds of poachers without giving them considerable consequences for their actions. As we can see, it’s up to the public to ultimately ruin a person’s life and blacklist them from society… but those are just some of the measures we go through with the lack of consequences. So with some consideration, I have selected Lion Guardians and The David Sheldwick Wildlife Trust to donate to. I chose these two organizations because they help protect lions & elephants while ensuring their chance at surviving endangerment in the field. Their work is truly admirable as it is the first-line of defense these animals have. Visit by clicking the images below!


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