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Transgender Day of Remembrance

As a humanitarian, I stand for the equal treatment transgender folks. I stand with the friends, families, and loved ones who support them. I give this moment to remember those who were following their own desire to be who they wanted to be… and were taken too soon from their destiny.

Kendra Marie Adams ⋆ Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow ⋆ Derricka Banner ⋆ Ava Le’Ray Barrin ⋆ Kenneth Bostick ⋆ Mesha Caldwell ⋆ Keke Collier ⋆ TeeTee Dangerfield ⋆ Sherrell Faulkner ⋆ China Gibson ⋆ Sean Hake ⋆ Kiwi Herring ⋆ Jaquarius Holland ⋆ Ciara McElveen ⋆ Kenne McFadden ⋆ Stephanie Montez ⋆ Ebony Morgan ⋆ Kashmire Nazier Redd ⋆ Chay Reed ⋆ Scout Schultz ⋆ Ally Lee Seinfeld ⋆ Gwynevere River Song ⋆ Jojo Striker ⋆ Candace Towns ⋆ Alphonza Watson

Please contact me at to add the name of a beautiful life lost.


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