Daisy VoxBox from Influenster

daisy voxbox

I’ve been posting this VoxBox I received complimentary all over my social feeds and I wanted to finally share what it’s about! So Influenster is this new app that you sync to your social media accounts and they use your follower count to determine your audience. They also ask you a bunch of questions about your preferences to narrow down which products you should get. It’s really cool because you can be totally honest about the products you review and there are obviously great incentives to find new products you might’ve never tried otherwise. You can download the Influenster app and get involved yourself! All complimentary!

The above box is the Daisy VoxBox includes a microwaveable Skinny Pop popcorn, full-size Live Clean coconut milk shampoo & conditioner, full-size Nature’s Bounty probiotic gummies, pack of 3 sample always Infinity pads with FlexFoam, and finally a YesToTomatoes charcoal paper mask. Specific reviews will be posted soon and will be updated here when they’re published.


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