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Book Review: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse


I’m proud to say I finally finished reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and this book was worth the time it took reading. The version I read is shown above. Click it or click here to see the book’s Barnes & Noble webpage. Although a short book, I found it appropriately fitting for each moment I had time to read. It was perfection on perfection. But carrying on…

I’ve always said that I practice a Buddhist philosophy rather than call myself Buddhist. But either works. To each his, or her, own. The main character’s mental struggle and search for ultimate knowledge puts him on a path that allows him to gain what he is looking for but only through experience of his own. I have read a few books about Buddhism and it’s usually very warm and enlightening. However, just as Hesse states & restates in Siddhartha, they are just teachings.

Moreover, I suggest this book to any conscious thinker. It’s highly relatable in the fact that you don’t have to experience a sin-free life of perfect wisdom to come to a state of knowing or “nirvana”.


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