Mala Prayer Beads

mala prayer beads

I’m very happy to share my new mala prayer beads that I received in the mail today. I was excited to get them because I’ve never had prayer beads before. It can seem conflicting for someone like me to pray but I do meditate.

Some background info about me… I don’t believe in a higher being (other than the universe itself) so I never thought it plausible to pray if not to someone. I also don’t practice the religion of Catholicism that I was brought up into as a child. Rather, in my teenage years, I learned about Buddhism and have found great comfort in it. When people ask I do say I’m Buddhist. It is, too, conflicting because to label myself as such, I feel I’d have to devote my life to it and free myself of all attachments/suffering.

Moving forward: I found that praying does not need to be to any single entity. It can simply be setting forth new goals, intentions, ambitions, and sending that good energy into the world. It’s like that biblical saying of speaking things into existence.

I truly believe in natural healing powers that start with your energy infused with positivity and mindfulness. I purchased it from Mala Prayer and spent a few days looking through their assortment and picking one out. This one here is an African Bloodstone mix that I chose simply by attraction and colors. Their website shares a lot o insight about how to use and care for beads. I suggest a visit if you’re the slightest bit interested!

See something that speaks to you?
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Feel free to share your experience, thoughts, and insight with me at alyssablooms@gmail.com and I may feature it on StayBlooming.com!


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