An Open Letter to Janusz Korwin-Mikke

Dear Not-So-Almighty Janusz,

With many astounding accomplishments by women all over the world, it’s a real shame to see statements like yours still being reprised. What is it that you actually fear? I sincerely cannot get past such bigotry and I stand with women all over the world to never tolerate it. Your opinion is merely just that… an opinion. It has no validity. With a mouth full of hypocrisy you did not represent the fact that you were, like every man, bore by woman. My NYC slang would have me say that you should take several seats because your opinion does not reflect the real world at all. But let me be politically correct, you are sexist. I completely oppose your beliefs as the strong, intelligent young woman I am. No matter who you are in your private life, it is your duty in a public position of authority to serve all of your people. Not just some.

With Consciousness,


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