This might very well be one of the most important things I’ve written about thus far. Primarily because it’s currently a really popular topic but also because I think it’s more of a concern than it seems to be. Fake news is pretty rampant right now on social media. You will see it from top to bottom of your Facebook feeds and boy is it believable. I watched a segment on Dr. Oz regarding fake news a few days ago and I was inspired to share his tips on spotting fake news.

So, what is fake news? Almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s a report or article, mimicking a real news source, that’s published with the intention of exaggerating or distorting the truth.

What is the purpose of fake news? Fake news is there for the profit of the publishers! They might call it entertainment, but please, read on.

Who publishes fake news? Authors behind fake news are people just like you & I. They are not officials or anyone with recognition that’s obliged to be truthful in serving the public.

The truth about fake news… you have to consider the amount of unconscious brainwashing that goes on when someone presents a story only to exploit it for the attention it can get. They generally use eye-catching titles and exaggerate facts for one main reaction: you sharing it with your family & friends. Another important truth about fake news is that they will have multiple stories/views on the same topic. Various perspectives will surely mean more visitors but it also means less credibility.

What’s the most important thing to know? Webpage publishers gain profit through ads. When people visit their pages, those ads are automatically generating revenue for the site owners. Without any requirements to be truthful to the people who are viewing & sharing stories perpetually in this age of social media.

What does fake news look like?  The chart at the beginning of the post is directly from Dr. Oz’s article on spotting fake news that you can click to be redirected to the original source. It’s amazingly accurate in finding out if whatever article you’re reading is worth your time & thought…


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