There is a special kind of satisfaction after a productive day. I’ve realized that feeling productive is a result of getting things done — no matter how priority or minor they may actually be. I think it’s in our nature to feel as though productivity goes hand-in-hand with accomplishing our number one goal. But that’s not true and you can get yourself motivated by simply getting the little things done more often too. A sense of accomplishment, even with little things, is a sense of accomplishment nonetheless. It’s a check off the to-do list but more importantly, a catalyst to getting bigger things done.

Another thought is that people can spend more time ruminating on doing things than their tasks would actually require. You have to ask yourself: What’s stopping you from getting something done? What’s the first step in clearing whatever obstacle exists to you? How soon can you carry this out comfortably?

The emphasis of it all is to get. shit. done.


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