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ICE: Know Your Rights

know your rights ice

There has been a lot more attention on what the United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement department is doing in light of Donald Trump’s travel ban. I keep hearing that more raids & deportations are taking place. I have 2 different opinions about it which I’ll be sharing. I also want to use this opportunity to share some Know Your Rights info if you or your loved ones are confronted by ICE and/or their agents. (Please scroll down to the end of this post for the English version and its Spanish translation.)

My first opinion: Drug raids, deportations, and the like are two of many regular ICE responsibilities. It’s needless to say that these things were going on prior to Trump’s administration taking office last month. Even before the inauguration, news stations and social media have both been bringing massive attention to everything local and national. So I immediately think that there’s definitely a ton more awareness on matters of this nature.

But here is my second opinion: I feel like the power of Trump’s executive orders probably have expedited the processes of deporting immigrants. Even if they are not guilty of extreme atrocities, most of the time their crime is trying to survive in so-called Trump’s America1. But as an American citizen and self-proclaimed humanitarian, I don’t believe that this is Trump’s America1 but the Dreamer’s America. Immigrants have always envisioned our nation to be the land of opportunity. They are the foundation of the American Dream. We won’t fall short of that offering those that dream because they are human first & foremost. Americans should protect the natural right of human before all else.

Moving forward, I got a hold of this informative images via and really wanted to share it. Please feel free to save, share, like, short link, etc.Know Your Rights in Spanish

1 Strikethrough is used because a Trump’s America through bigotry will not be tolerated or encouraged on the Stay Blooming blog.


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