NYC Compost Project

I had the wonderful pleasure of sitting in for a presentation by a member of Queens Botanical Garden's Compost Project. I learned that this project is funded by the NYC's Department of Sanitation, which is a wonderful effort on their part to create awareness & make rounds for organic matter collection. Here's what I learned. … Continue reading NYC Compost Project


People’s Climate Movement NY

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a People's Climate Movement of New York event today. The evening kicked off with PCM's very own Leslie Cagan speaking and opening the floor for what the rest of the event would be like. We heard from more speakers from various organizations that shared information about the following … Continue reading People’s Climate Movement NY

Some Triumph for African Lions

Image source: ABC News (2015) Most of us aren't aware of how African lion hunting actually takes place. So although this article regards some triumph for African lions -- I equally want to disclose that it's not a full ban on trophy hunting of these marvelous felines. A private U.S. pro-hunting group Safari Club International has … Continue reading Some Triumph for African Lions

Spanish Poetry for the Sullen

Image source: Amazon I Can Neither Hold You Nor Let You Go I can neither hold you nor let you go, I know not why, to let you go or hold you Causes me, I know not why, to want you, Or to find you wanting for what I do not know. Since you will … Continue reading Spanish Poetry for the Sullen

Enjoying A Solo Valentine’s Day

I'm not a stranger to spending Valentine's day alone and I pride myself on the time I spend with myself. But it's not the same situation for everyone. Understandably, some of us still do want to celebrate love although we're not in romantic relationships. So let me be the first to say that romance is … Continue reading Enjoying A Solo Valentine’s Day

Recap: The Experience Mag @ Queens Museum

It was an amazing evening to say the least. Walking towards the Queens Museum is when it dawned on me that this is the event I was invited to -- artists I'm acquainted with are were to have their art featured. How amazing! The event altogether promoted revolution, networking, creative expression, and the millennial voice … Continue reading Recap: The Experience Mag @ Queens Museum

The Experience Mag @ Queens Museum, NYC

This Saturday, The Experience Mag will be at the Queens Museum for an all-black attire event The Sunrise Kingdom. This visual art event will be highlighting the work of black & latinx artists featured in the magazine. Through different mediums (paintings, performance, video, and more) they use their creativity to express their pro-revolution stance. I'm … Continue reading The Experience Mag @ Queens Museum, NYC